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Paladin and Necromancer Available for Pre-Order now


Book Blurb: 


Seven years ago, a Paladin married a Necromancer. It didn’t seem like a big deal back then, seeing as the world was ending

For better or worse, humanity survived. The extraplanar enemy was repelled, and the rifts in the Multiverse were patched up. In the ruins of the realm’s devastation, humanity recovered and rebuilt.

Stuck in an uneasy marriage, Kassander and Silver couldn’t be less enthusiastic about the prospect.

Perhaps it’s for the best that a noble house is slaughtered in what looks like a wine-soaked demonic ritual. At least solving crimes gives Kass and Silver something to do. 

Together, they uncover a conspiracy that threatens to tear apart the multiverse and its deities – and, most importantly, their already fragile marriage. 

A dark fantasy mystery-romance.  

Paladin and Necromancer is a dark fantasy adventure packed with friendship and romance.

You'll love Paladin and Necromancer if you're looking for:

- DnD-inspired Fantasy

- Dark themes

- A tragic-comic tone

- Disabled, non-binary, and neurodivergent characters in a Fantasy setting

- A mature take on a complex relationship


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The Travelling City 

Debut Novel by Adrienne Miller. 
Available now! 

(Amazon Kindle US)
(Amazon Kindle UK)

Free chapters available here.

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Travelling City Cover.jpg

Dark Fantasy. Romance. Mystery.

Reihan is a seaver, a peacekeeping clone on a floating city where anything is possible. Phillippe is newly all-powerful and emotionally unstable. Can Reihan keep him in check and keep the city safe?

A grumpy and sunshine romance with a dark twist.

Book Blurb: 

After a hundred years of watching humans make bad decisions, anyone would be sick of their job as peacekeeper.
ihan, a seaver created to deal with humans who lost control over their manifestation abilities, is no exception.

Worse still, virtually all humans in the Travelling City can manifest. That is, shape reality according to their more or less well-formed and often poorly thought-out designs. That alone would be enough to keep her busy, but then there are people like Phillippe. Phillippe, who drenched himself in the city’s collective subconscious to strengthen his inborn powers.

Even though he shouldn’t be, he seems fine, crowned as the new star escort in the Brothel of Transformative Curiosities. But Reihan has seen this story play out before.

And Phillippe is far too charming, far too kind, and far too inconsolable for her to simply look away.

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